Sutherland No. 2 : Open
Sutherland No. 3 : Open



The Grand Parade & Oakwood St, Sutherland NSW

Games and Duty Details
4 July 2020
Round 1 4th and 5th July
Sat 4th JulyOpponentKick offFieldSet up/Pack upCanteen/BBQ
Home Games
06DGeorges River9:00 AMSutherland 3 Mini
07ELilli Pilli9:00 AMSutherland 3 Mini
10DLilli Pilli9:00 AMSutherland 3
07DGymea United9:50 AMSutherland 3 Mini
12DEngadine Eagles10:00 AMSutherland 2
08ELilli Pilli 210:40 AMSutherland 3 Mini
12BGeorges River v Bonnet Bay11:00amSutherland 2
09DGymea United11:30 AMSutherland 3 Mini
18BMenai Hawks12:00 PMSutherland 2Pack Up 1:40pm
Committee: Nathan Turnbull
Away Games
06ELilli Pilli 28:00 AMGlenn McGrath 2
W12CCronulla Seagulls8:30 AMTonkin Oval
06CGymea United 18:50 AMGymea Bay 1
W07EComo Jannali 18:50 AMJannali Mini 1
W08DLilli Pilli8:50 AMGlenn McGrath 1
W06CGymea United 19:40 AMGymea Bay 1
W10CMenai Hawks10:00 AMBuckle Reserve 2
07CGymea United 210:30 AMGymea Bay 1
13BSylvania Heights10:40 AMBox Road 1
16CSylvania Heights 211:00 AMBox Road 3
Sun 5th July
Home Games
WSHCronulla Seagulls10:00 AMSutherland 2Set Up 9:00am
W38BGeorges River v Como Jannali11:40amSutherland 2
35BLilli Pilli 11:20 PMSutherland 2
AL14 2St. Patricks3:00 PMSutherland 2Pack Up 4:40
AL14 1Bye
Committee: TBC
Away Games
WSXMiranda Magpies 111:30 AMSeymour Shaw 2
AL11Loftus Yarrawarrah1:00 PMLoftus 1
AL13Bonnet Bay1:10 PMLakewood City 1

Round 1 4th and 5th July