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Age groups and Competitions

Age Groups and Competitions

North Sutherland Rockets participates in the Sutherland Shire Football Association competition. If you are ready to sign up or want to ask us a question about playing for the rockets, click here.  Below is an outline of the age groups and options for registration. 


Nursery Squad

Nursery Squad (3-5 yrs) - Getting interested in Football

Our nursery squad is run by current and past players who work to instill a love of sport in the newest generation of Rockets. Each Saturday, we provide a structured but fun way to learn the basics of our great game. 12 weeks of fun, uniform, and a soccer ball. Additionally, for every year your child is in our Nursery Squad, the childs MiniRoos (U6-U11) fees with the rockets are waived.

In Nursery Squad players are principally working as individuals with our goal for them to have a ball at their feet for most of the session, learning to kick and control the ball. In Nursery Squad everyone scores a goal every week - it's fun to see up to 60 kids run off at the end of the session telling their Mum or Dad about the goal they scored! At this age, they're all amazing, just ask them.

Our Nursery Squad session run each Saturday at our home ground, Sutherland Oval, starting at 9am and finishing between 9:45am and 10am depending on the activities for the day, the heat, and how their little legs are going. We take a few weeks off during the school holidays to enable our volunteer coaches some time to recharge.

Only $110 for first time players and $60 for returning players who already have a uniform - compare that to commercial programs that cost $250+


Mini RoosMini Roos (U6 - U11) - Learning the game and building team spirit

MiniRoos provide opportunities for boys and girls of all abilities aged between 5 and 11 to play games each weekend against other clubs in a friendly competetive environment. Your child joins a team for the season where they will make life-long friends and have fun. The MiniRoos Program uses smaller fields, modified rules and fewer players which means a more enjoyable game with more opportunities to touch the ball and more opportunities to score goals, increasing the likelihood of an overall positive experience. As your child progresses through the various age groups they will be introduced to playing environments that most suit their stage of development and prepare them for the transition to full team 11v11 football when the time comes. Scores are kept each game and recorded to make sure that teams are playing against teams of similar skill however there is no overall season results tracked.

Saturday game times and location are determined by the draw managed by the Sutherland Shire football Association but younger ages typically player early (from 8am) with older ages groups playing progressively through the day. The season starts in late March and you will play one game at home (Sutherland) and then the next week you will play away (at another club) through the season which runs until early August. Up to U8 our teams train on Tuesday nights which creates a supportive environment and a diversity of coaching for your child. Many of our U9-U11 teams continue to train on Tuesdays however at these ages training times are determined by the coach but are only once a week. 

*You can use your Active Kids Voucher at the Rockets -  Active Kids Voucher.


Junior CompetitionJunior Competition (U12 - U18) - Building skill and competitive drive

Once you start playing U12 you are playing the full game. Full size field, full sized team, and competing against other teams each week for overall season honours. The Rockets have produced many premiership winning teams over the years. Each year we have teams looking for individual players to round out numbers so if you are looking for a team, the Rockets could be the right place for you.

We believe that being part of a club should mean that you are supported by the club when you play - all of our home games are played at home where you get the support of our club on the sideline rather than having to play away at an offsite field because you don't fit into the draw at home. If you are interested in playing with the Rockets join one of our existing teams or contact us if you want to bring a whole team to the club.



Senior CompetitionSenior Competition (19+) - Mastering the game (or just having fun because you'll never master it!)

Each season we field a mix of teams, from highly skilled teams playing in competitive grades through to social teams enjoying their love of the sport. Our teams are often looking for players to round out numbers so if you are looking for a club we will likely have the team for you.

If you want to bring your team to the Rockets, we would welcome you to the club with open arms:

  - Home games played at home

  - Choice of training time

  - Support to make the transition