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The Grand Parade & Oakwood St, Sutherland NSW

Nursery Squad Registration

Thanks for your interest in the Rockets for your child. There are a few easy steps to follow but if you need more detailed instructions then please refer to our Signup Guide.

A few things to note about the sign up process:

1. You will be prompted to upload a photo but this is not nessesary, simply select continue on this screen. This is a requirement for older players (U10+)

2. If your child is new to Nursery Squad or does not have a uniform (e.g. lost it during the summer) you must select the uniform option at sign up. Uniforms can be used from older siblings etc. if you require individual items (e.g. replace lost socks) this can be done through our uniform store.

4. Registration costs are $60 for the program and $40 for the uniform (first year must buy a uniform)

3. Follow our Club Facebook page and keep an eye on your email for updates on season activities, grading days, and training


If you have questions through the process contact [email protected]